The protection of the Environment is a core philosophy for the business and one of the key reasons for our existence. Greentech Products continually strives to reduce the environmental impact of the work and all the products that we create.

The Environment
Greentech Products takes pride in its innovative and thoughtful design. How we affect the environment is very important to us, and so environmental considerations are an essential part of our business. From the earliest stages of product design through to manufacturing, use, and recycling, we aim to make our activities and our products, environmentally friendly.
We focus on all areas of the product life-cycle, starting with the initial design concept stage. This approach is followed through with regards to the final product and packaging design, it includes the impact of manufacturing, energy efficiency, and recycling. Each design stage reveals new challenges to be overcome to create a good, sustainable product.

Product design
The reduction of the product’s green footprint begins at this stage, the product design phase. The chosen design dictates the quantity of raw materials, type and recyclability of materials, as well as the energy required for production, its use, and the ease of recycling.

Responsible Materials
Greentech Products has eliminated or minimised the use of heavy metals and ozone depleting substances in our products and manufacturing processes.
Energy efficiency
A product can have a lasting environmental impact, due to its energy consumption over a long period of time. Greentech Products are designed to, either use no energy, or be energy saving and energy efficient, to address this.

Greentech Products is currently exploring a holistic approach to recycling, encompassing a product’s entire life-cycle in order to reduce the amount of products that could potentially end of being put into landfills worldwide.

Minimal packaging
Greentech products use the minimal amount of packaging, this benefits the business and environment, as less material is used, freight costs are reduced, more products can be shipped in the same space.

Recyclable materials
Greentech products uses highly recyclable materials such as polypropylene for the products that we make. The use of these high-value materials encourages recycling, which helps to reduce waste at the end of the product’s life, as they can be reground and reused.

Responsible Manufacturing
Greentech Products are subject to our responsible manufacturing policy: to minimise waste, to maximise recyclability, and to not include hazardous materials. Greentech products also comply with the European ROHS Directive that came into force in July 2006.