The Greentech Eco Fuel Saver system is an environmentally friendly product that
can easily be retro fitted to any Petrol or Diesel vehicle in the engine bay, to enable it to
minimise emissions and it is designed for everyday use.

It is ideal for any Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) or Public Service (PSV) operators
as the Eco system dramatically reduces operating costs and increases profitability.

• Our patented technology substantially reduces harmful gas emissions
such as CO, Nox & HC particles to between 50-90%.
• It reduces the vehicle’s fuel consumption
• It can be fitted in around 20 minutes and is easily maintained by the operators workshop

The Greentech Eco Fuel Saver system consists of:

• The Fuel Saver Mk2 unit (which is fitted to the engine)
• The Fuel Saver Solution (which lasts 3,800 miles/6000km)

NB: It is not designed or intended to be used for racing or for engine performance
enhancement, as it is designed to make the engine operate more cleanly.

The Product