Greentech Products creates stylish and environmentally friendly products, that enhance your lifestyle as well as minimising your footprint on the planet. European aesthetics combined with an ecologically sustainable outlook.

Greentech is currently focused on fuel saving Eco devices, for both Diesel and Petrol Vehicles to reduce noxious emissions & reduce fuel consumption.

"Enjoy your life and feel good about it"

August 2017
Greentech launched the GT Fuel Saver MK 2 in the UK

June 2017
Production of the GT Fuel Saver MK2 and real world testing in Asia and South America with excellent results!

May 2017
The benefits of fuel economy cannot be understated both in terms of benefit to the planet and also profitability.

March 2017
The GT Fuel Saver MK1 was tested at an SGS lab and it passed with flying colours, reducing emissions and saving fuel.

March 2017
Greentech launched GT Fuel Saver MK1 in the UK

March 2017
65% of the public support a new Clean Air Act according to a recent poll recent poll, so operators will need to reduce emissions to meet the higher standards.

March 2017
Greentech products launched on Facebook

March 2017
Air Pollution in London was worse than Beijing

February 2017
The EU is escalating action against the UK for breaching pollution limits

February 2017
Greentech, tested the GT Fuelsaving MK1 in Hong Kong & China on a rolling road and also in real world usage.

November 2016
"Most ready for Green sacrifices", according to a BBC poll of 22,000 people in 21 countries.

September 2016
90% of the UK are breathing dirty, harmful air.

November 2007
"Most ready for Green sacrifices", according to a BBC poll of 22,000 people in 21 countries.

August 2007
Greentech Products website soft launch.

June 2007
Production ofThe UK and France announced that they will seek to persuade other EU nations for an EU-wide cut on VAT levied on less polluting goods.

“It is unfair that a polluting car costs less than a car that does not pollute.” (French President Nicholas Sarkozy July 2007)

June 2007
Greentech Products has partnered with a factory in China

May 2007
Greentech Products has partnered with a European Green Certification Organisation

March 2007
Prime Minister Gordon Brown said he was lobbying other European leaders to reduce VAT on energy-efficient goods form 17.5% to 5%.

December 2006
Greentech Products partners with Creative Vortex Ltd. as the design and production team for the brand.

November 2006
Greentech Products is started after the founder conceived the need for creating this business, after reading that if a relatively small percentage of consumers in developed countries, were to implement minor efficiency changes in the way they consume energy, the need to build several new power stations would be negated.


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